Hambleton History Lives!

Hambleton History Lives!

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Hambleton, now in North Yorkshire, was listed in the Domsday Book entry for Yorkshire West Riding in 1086 as Hameltun, name derived from Hamela’s village. At that time there were 6 villagers, 1 smallholder and 2 Freemen. In the 1870s the population had risen to approximately 550 and 1,859 in 2011.

The village has developed either side of the A63 to the west of Selby and east of Leeds.

Old Map

Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

The major employment within the village is and always was farming. Now the majority of residents commute to local towns for work. The village has a Church, Chapel, Village School, village hall, public house and a hotel. There are many social activities for young and old alike.

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