Sports and Leisure

Sports and leisure are relatively new phenomena as it was not until the Factory Act of 1833 that it was made illegal for children under nine to work and the number of hours which could be worked in a factory were reduced from 12 hours a day. For farm workers they worked for most of the day light hours.

Sunday was considered a day or rest and people attended church or chapel. In the early part of the 20th century a Sunday Walk sometimes followed the church service in Hambleton, which was seen by some young people as an opportunity to get to know their future wife or husband. For some families no-one was allowed to read a book let alone play a game on a Sunday.

As a result of national legislation covering working conditions and schooling villagers had time for sport and leisure activities, both in and out door. In early 20th century sport or PE was certainly part of the school week encouraging children to participate in team games such as cricket, netball, football and hockey.

The adult activities in the village have included cricket, football, Hambleton Players, Over 55 Club, various types of exercise and relaxation classes, choirs, gardening club as well as the usual public house activities of darts, dominoes, quizzes and live music.

In the 20th century many of the children's activities were linked either to the Church or Chapel including Boys Brigade, Juco and Sunday School. There have been Youth Clubs, Girl Guides, Brownies, Beavers, Scouts as well as activities in the village hall for the little ones under school age.



Gardening Club