Hambleton's Hidden History

The shield may have been a coat of arms for the village or William de Hambleton (more about him later).

The first project for HHRAA was the development of the website and focused on the previous 100 years. Work continues to add photographs and information while undertaking our second project, the information from which will also be added to the website.

 Hambleton’s Hidden History Project was set up to research much earlier history, starting with the as early as possible, the settlement name was Hameltun the Domesday Book. When the settlement was first inhabited we have yet to discover.

The research will include using a drone to identify changes in growth of crops which may indicate presence of earlier human activity on the land, this may however be inhibited by the presence of running sand in parts of the village. Geophysical surveys and archaeological digs will be used if possible to gain more understanding of our village history.

There are Roman enclosures and crop marks shown on Archimaps to the north of the village, a medieval site to the south.