The Enclosure Award document 1796 shows that Hambleton School owned Hough Field and contributed to the maintenance of Morton Carr Drain although there is no school shown on the plan. However a map surveyed between 1845 and 1848 and published in 1850 shows a school in area of the now village green and a building of the same shape is shown on the Enclosure Award Map. A document written to celebrate 100 years of the village school contains a suggestion that there was a school in the centre of the village prior to the building of the ‘Old School’. Hambleton Church now owns Hough Field so it is reasonable to assume that there was a school in the village run by Brayton Church, which was at that time the ‘mother church’ for Hambleton. While there are buildings shown on the plan associated with the Enclosure Award which could have been the school the exact whereabouts are not known.

The first mention of a teacher in Hambleton was found in the Brayton Burial Register which listed the burial of Brian Smith, school master from Hambleton on 24th December 1641.

In living memory there have been two schools in the village. The ’Old School’ in Station Road (opposite the Church) and the ‘New School’ on Gateforth Lane.

The Old School opened on 23rd September, 1872 and now has 4 modern houses on the site. The new school on Gateforth Lane opened in 1973 and is still in use today.

The school photos included on this site vary from pictures of the school prefects in the 1920s to photos of all the children in the school. They have been grouped in decades. If a decade or year is missing it means we haven’t as yet got any photos for that decade. In the later years the photographs are of school events rather than photos of the whole school as fashions have changed and schools are larger.

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